Stater – Lucania, Heracleia c.330-280 B.C. NGC CHXF in Fine Style



Lucania. Heracleia. circa 330-325 BC. Silver Stater, 8.00g. The obverse features the head of Athena right, wearing Attic helmet decorated with Scylla who is throwing a rock. The letter K appears behind Athena’s neck. The reverse has the letters ΗΡΑΚΛΗΙΩΝ and features Heracles standing, facing front, holding a club, a bow, an arrow and a lion’s skin.  In the left reverse field we see AΘΑ and a pitcher above.

This is a SNG ANS 75 variety and has maintained a gorgeous battleship gray color over the centuries. We see it is mostly centered with all details clear and distinct. The Fine Style attribute assigned by NGC is due to the level of detail on the obverse hair, helmet and plume and all of the reverse devices. To-date, NGC has certified only 14 examples in all grades; one in this grade with only four (4) finer. NGC assesses the Strike to be a perfect 5 out of 5; the surface is also 5/5 and struck in the Fine Style of an ancient master.