W.J.Bryan: A Unique 1900-dated Silver Ingot by Gorham Silversmiths



William Jennings Bryan: A Unique 1900-dated Silver Ingot by Gorham Silversmiths. One side: “16 to 1” in high-relief and “900 fine Good Enough For Our Fathers Good Enough For Us” incused along with eagle logo and 1900 date. Other side: “‘The Party Stands Where It Did In 1896 On The Money Question’ – William Jennings Bryan Zanesville, Ohio September 4, 1900” incused. “412 ½ g t” on one end. A very neat item we have never seen before. 1.625 x 0.625.

According to the website for So-Called Dollars, numismatic medals were created for the Presidential campaigns of 1896 and 1900 and were made by Eastern silversmiths. William Jennings Bryan, a member of the House of Representatives from Nebraska, vehemently opposed the United States adopting the gold standard. He was famous for his oratory skills which ultimately propelled him into the presidential races of 1896, 1900 and 1908, which he lost each time.

The silver medals created to bring about national attention to the matter were more dignified in tone than many contemporary pieces issued for the same purpose, as latter usually were struck in base metal and were most satirical of Williams Jennings Bryan and his cause. These silver medals showed comparative size and ratio of a dollar struck at the then-current price of silver with what it would be like if free coinage were to rule. They are much more than mere political pieces as they bore direct reference to the silver controversy and, hence, to our national coinage.

We’ve never seen or encountered a silver ingot associated with Bryan and once this numismatic item is placed, don’t expect to see one again any time soon – if at all-!