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Ancient and World – Gold, Silver and Copper Coins

Ancient Coins have long been one of our passions and specialties. The coinage of the ancient Greek city-states and their flourishing colonies are among the most beautiful coins ever struck. Offering a wide spectrum of portraits and symbolic designs are the coins of the Roman Republic and Empire and the succeeding coins of the Byzantine era. Attracting their own share of interest today are ancient Judaic, Celtic and Carthaginian coins of ancient times. Exotic issues of the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent exist also to fascinate the collector.

We specialize in assisting collectors assemble sets of the “twelve” Caesars struck in the first century A.D. in both gold “aureus” and silver “denarius” formats. This collection begins with the coinage of Julius Caesar struck in the time just before Christ and ends with Domitian, emperor of Rome up until 96 AD.

World Coins offer virtually unlimited possibilities for the collector. Gold coinage struck since the Middle Ages is a well-charted and popular area. Dollar-size silver coins, Crowns and Thalers combine the attraction of all imposing size and splendid designs. Minor coins of all nations offer a marvelous mixture of historic design and nearly infinite variations in metals, shapes and sizes. Collectors often specialize in particular fields of world coinage, such as British and Commonwealth, German Studies, Spanish and Spanish Colonial, French or Judaic issues. Great fascination can be found in exotic Islamic and African coins and those of the vast Indian subcontinent.

One of the greatest challenges is assembling a collection of gold coins – one from each century. We call this the “Millennium Collection.”┬áThis is a collection that includes an example of a significant coin from each century, starting from 700 B.C.-! This magnificent collection can include gold, silver or copper coinage, or a combination of the three. It is as unique as the collector who chooses to put one together-! With so many centuries involved and so many issues struck in different metals, there is a great deal of leeway for a collector to form his or her own collection.


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