U.S. Gold Coins

Regular Mint United States Gold Coins

Gold Coins can be a specialty in themselves! America’s classic gold coinage first appeared in 1795 with the striking of the Eagle ($10) and Half Eagle ($5). The Quarter Eagle ($2.50) followed in 1796. After the great gold discoveries in California, the massive Double Eagle ($20) and tiny Gold Dollar made their appearance.

Many collectors and investors will begin a gold coin collection with the acquisition of one each of the U.S. $20 gold piece – a Liberty head or the ever-popular Augustus Saint-Gaudens design. From there, the trend is usually to acquire one of the smaller gold denominations until an eight-piece gold Type set is assembled. Usually the three Types of Gold Dollars are added along the way – as well as the unusual yet quite appealing Three Dollar gold piece – resulting in the cornerstone of any magnificent collection: the twelve piece gold Type Set.

From this point Giants become Titans. Interest, financial where-with-all, ego and capable numismatic guidance all come into play. We’ve seen many go on to complete the ever-elusive complete 34 gold coin Type Set. In order to accomplish this task one must commit to buying additional coins to the 12-piece set; those predominately struck in the 18th century. Along the way, the Classic Head designs of the $2.50 and $5, the No Motto designs of the $5 and $10 and finally the Type One and Two designs of the Double Eagle must be acquired but should be relatively easy by comparison to those struck in the 18th century.

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