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Witness to the California Gold Rush. – California Fractional Gold Coins

By Eric Brothers, with permission of the authorSeptember 2017 issue of The Numismatist

Attached is a great article about the California Gold Rush and the creation, rise and use of Cal Fractional Gold coins during that time period.

John David Borthwick (1824-1892), a Scottish journalist and author, was the son of a prominent physician in Edinburgh, Scotland, and received the well rounded education of both a gentleman and an artist. In 1845, when he turned 21, a young Borthwick was given a sizable inheritance and set out to travel the world. The year 1847 saw Borthwick traveling around Canada before heading south to New Orleans, and then north again to New York City, where he resided for a spell. In May 1851, he was struck with a severe case of gold fever, which he cured by moving to California during the gold rush.”

CLICK HERE – PDF Copy of the Article “Witness to the California Gold Rush